[HD][PC] Skyrim: Atronach Forge [Storm Atronach Staff]

Located in “The Midden”, an area under the College. This forge creates monsters and items depending on what you place in the “offering box” Recipe: -Void Salts -Broom -Greater Soul Gem (Not sure if a soul needs to be in it, i used one with a soul for good measure) -Orichalcum Ingot (Not sure if it’s interchangable with it’s Ore form) From the video, i’ve created a Storm Atronach Staff which summons a Storm Atronach. It is POSSIBLE, that using different Salts can create a different version of the staff… eg: Fire salts for a Fire Atronach Summoning staff. Let other players know if you’ve found other recipes in the comments below!!

Source: YouTube